Keeping busy , not your brain but you


Sometimes I do feel that , if am busy all day ,its easy to live, else I feel like getting bored.

If am not busy, my brain tends to get lazy…else it need not think anything, and that is always better not to think too much. It seems like thinking is injurious to health in my case . 😉

Some people keep on thinking and everything remain in their head , its not even conveyed. Some keep saying whatever comes in their mind , out with out even bothering what others think. I have read somewhere that , thinking more leads to more serious problems , that were never there in the first place.SO I seriously think that thinking should be avoided 😉 best for you.

Poor brain , it keeps working all the time , and I wonder doesn’t it get wear n tear at all.May be when it gets tired of thinking , it leads us to something wrong and then to get out of all those , again we have to try hard. 

Thinking too much never led me anywhere , other than a messed up brain.:) When  do something without thinking , I feel quite easy to flow with the things happening around me. The more I plan , the more complicated it looks.

Our life is a like a program , its not easy to read and understand the program written by one programmer by other, so its better not to mess up with what is already written by GOD by us , because everything happens around us with a reason. If someone comes to our life to mess up , we can’t change anything, but face it with all the courage, At least that is what we are supposed to .

“Five percent of the people think; 
ten percent of the people think they think; 
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.” 
― Thomas A. Edison




“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”


My lovely Valentines day started with a my sweet lil daughter’s “Good Morning Mama” . Nothing is more important to me than her lovely smile.It really makes my day.

She wanted me to sleep more, cuddling  next to her and that is something i love to do. Valentines day have become just like any other normal day. I don’t see any thing different  around me, because everyday for me is special and i live every moment am given.

Back in India, I had seen many couples roaming around the city with so many roses and chocolates.But the new generation love , has nothing so pure in it, its just passing fantasies, everyone forgets the day and move on to the next person. 

I have seen older couples , walking hand in hand, loving each other, caring , its so beautiful to see , and then I truly feel that love can be forever , if there is true form of love and care exist.Love gives life a special meaning , it gives us the courage and strength to live , it makes it worth living.We can overcome all fears , when someone believes in you. We can live the life as we are , without changing ourselves for someone, if someone truly loves you, they will never want you to change  , but just be the same and love you more and more with all the flaws you have.

I always feel myself lucky that my love is always with me, whatever am , and whatever I do . Living with all the differences together and sharing everything, happiness and sorrows , being with each other .When am sad , i just need a perfect smile and a word of encouragement , and who else knows that better than my love.I just can’t imagine a life without him and of course my lovely lil girl.Nothing matters more ,when you have someone loving you truly and wholeheartedly.Life is never easy , and when you are in love, things are smoother and every soul connected to it has to work through it , to make it worthy living.

Love is beyond words , even silence speaks louder than words.

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” 
― Marilyn Monroe


Its like a big puzzle . 

Seriously I wonder how people manage more than 1 kid, where in I  can’t even manage one. 

My lil  preschooler, has enough tantrums that  I feel like my brain pops out of my head because of stress. I wonder what on earth they want , when are totally stressed out. Sometimes I keep wondering , what others might think , when my lil kid is busy crying and a busy soothing her. Do they think that am a bad mother, not giving what the kid wants, do they really know what am I going through???

Lots of questions ,but doesn’t help me at all.Its always a big confusion, seriously I wonder how my mom managed the two of us.At some point , i feel it was better to be alone , but when I feel lonely who is there to soothe me with their lovely touch, I need my daughter always beside me , even she irritates me with her tantrums. 🙂

After all the fights and crying , she behaves as though nothing happened ,I wonder whats really happening in her thoughts.I wish  I could recollect what exactly was going on in my head when I was a kids like her.

I feel sad , when I shout at her, the smile on her face fades away and the only thing she requires a hug from me, she waits till my hands are stretched out inviting her to hug me, and she comes running ,its a total relief for me and her.We both get relaxed after all the fights , everyday some or the other. 😉

But parenting is fun,because we are learning to love selflessly. 

Listen to your innerself




We are the best guide for our success .

The universe gives us enough clues as we move forward in our life. Everything that happens in our life has something or the other to do with that comes in the next future , or may be it has to happen that way.

Its just makes things more easier to live , if we believe that, everything happens for good.Coincidences in life are like messages from GOD , saying that , we are on the right path,and guided by him to our destiny. Everyone has a destiny , and the life we lead is just a way to it , and the people we meet are like lessons , which either teaches us something good or bad.

If we have an aim in life, we are led to it , in anyway, though sometimes we feel , we are lost.Everything comes to us when the time is right. When  we seem to be lost , talk to yourself ,first ,then someone who are close to your heart. If we are in a state where we wanted to do something , but our inner-self wanted something else , its like a conflict in our mind and just it doesn’t lead to anything. So the first thing we have to do is to talk to our-self , and decide what exactly we need and once we decide , everything seems to be clear again.


lovely childhood


Its easy for kids to identify good friends at an early age too.

I have noticed that my lil gal  has found good friends around her in her school.

She keeps saying their names , so  I get to know whom she is very fond of.She repeats their names  earlier when I helped her to memorize her friends names , since it was difficult for her to get to know their names , since she was too small..

Now , its like , she  knows whom she likes the most and wanted to be with. It just reminded me about my childhood too. When we all were kids we must have fought for sitting with our best friend , sharing something special with our best buddy , and of course got jealous when someones takes our best friends from us. 🙂

Now when all those comes to our mind , we find ourselves to be silly and funny.Being a kid is a special freedom , we need not know anything, just play and have fun, be naughty and gets lots of scolding from parents . 🙂 Its not easy to be a grownup. 😦 and am sad am a grownup , at least I believe it . 😉

As parents , we must give our lil kids freedom  to enjoy the best way .Forcing something on to kids , leads them to be more adamant , we must teach them to be kind and in order for that , we should be kind to them, since they learn a lot from ‘us’ .

For being a good parent , we need to be their lovely lil friend .