Learning the unspoken words


As I always said , life is quite easier when kids can read through the expressions of their parents and understand them.

I have seen many parents who calm their kids with just a mere look  and I always wondered what does the kid understand from just silence.Earlier I shout at my lil one ,and thought shouting will make them hear a lil bit better and I may sound like am angry  , but most of the time it turned out to be a big failure. The more I shout , the more irritated we both used to get and at last it will be me , who keeps mouth shut as I never have energy to fight again.

At last I thought , may be I should try the same methods as other parents , at least for sometime they may keep calm.She used to understand most of the time if am angry , and immediately to make me smile , she gives me a kiss. She thinks that kiss is like a remedy for her mom’s anger , so that I don’t shout at her or get angry.With a lovely kiss, she melts our heart.

Yesterday , I had a bad throat pain , that I was not able to speak ,so I though better not to shout at her for anything and kept quite.She was banging the xylophone on the door , and I was as usual angry , but I just kept quite and looked at her sharply , and immediately she looked at me, and stopped doing that and asked me ” why not” , still i didn’t reply her, and then she felt that something was wrong and immediately put her xylophone down saying “OKK” .

I couldn’t resist laughing , and I was happy , silence works .  🙂

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