Fun – pursuing what makes you happy

How do you define fun time ?

For me as everyone else  it’s just doing nothing or something that gives me pleasure. 

I have seen my lil one enjoying while she draws what comes in her imagination or just her favourite cartoon characters. She keeps trying hard until she is able to draw a picture perfect one. Thats when she shows me ,the picture else she will not. She is usually a kind of person , whose enjoyment are restricted to being idle at one place , she is not usually into running around , but that doesn’t make her sound bored. 

Fun is not about how adventurous you do , or  others think if you do that you are fun to be with. Most girls enjoy shopping , and thats supposed to be a fun time for ‘her’. Most bus love drinking ,smoking , bike rides, etc and to the extreme of jumping off from an aeroplane  etc all those madness , as it sounds to me. People categorise others as boring when they don’t match to their taste of fun .

Everyone has their own interest ,let them pursue it .

It’s the same with kids took , some kids are hyperactive, some are silent, but they enjoy however they want to.  If try to make our kids like others whats the point , they lose their individuality. They will not be what they have to be.Its like we are pressurizing them to be what we want them to be . Always let them have their own space , so that they learn to develop their imagination and creativity. 

We as parents need not suppress what our kids like , let them be different from others there is no harm in it, even if they don’t bring in high grades. Grades are not important , it’s just that we need our kids to be important. Kids need to be taught about appreciating what they have, the knowledge they acquire. Every kid may not be perfect in school , luckily we can show great people who are drop-outs as examples, but still there are many parents who insist on 99% marks , and they forget they are torturing those kids. ( God save those kids).

Make our kids just what they want to be, let them pursue what they like, then they have whats exactly fun in life.

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