Jealous mommy

  Am.not sure about other mommies..but ofcourse am a lil jealous..when my lil darling daughters  adore someone else other than me.

I just can’t digest that idea about me being inferior to anyone else in their life. I enjoy the moments when someone else takes them from my arms and they keep looking for me because they can’t be away from me.

Its a special feeling and I  keep njoyng it. BUT ofcourse i know i need to give them some space in their life which helps them realize many things in life.

Always want my kids to give importance to us parents and then comes anyone else. Its not easy…those feeling comes with lots of love , understanding , freedom of thoughts and care ,  nothing else bring about what i want to be in my kids eyes.

Hope I Will be able to be important to them in their life.


lil motivation and lil appreciation is all we need

Am just a beginner , don’t know the ethics in writing , and not much knowledge in writing , but as a human, require motivation.

Luckily have a few friends who find time for us to read and give comments , else writing will be like a dream unachievable for me. I  feel my 24hrs are just not enough to jot down a few words, to feel better. Writing helps like as if am talking to my inner self, just putting down what i feel helps me a lot. 

It just refreshes mind, sometimes I end up writing lots of drafts and just save it, sometimes i publish it and a few good friends of mine, who are not jobless find time to read it and I just feel ” Oh thank god , at least there is some one to read what I have written , or someone is just experiencing what I feel .”

Everyone is busy , who gets to find time for others, who keep us alive at times.Social networking is helping people to chill out a lil time from their busy life which revolves around for me as , cooking, cleaning,kids,and other lil household purchasing  to just me time which i rarely get. 

Every word of appreciation is pretty much important , even if its just for nothing, it helps and motivates to live.I have seen my daughter feel it ,every time ,even if she makes a small tower, its truly a big achievement for her, if I just neglect it, I know , going on further ,she will stop appreciating everything around her and that doesn’t make a perfect person.

Fancy dress

The idea of fancy dress was too scary for me. 

I was not sure what to dress her up like , the theme was ‘best out of waste’ , I have never done so far anything in  fancy dress even when I was a kid , somewhere I was not comfortable being dressed up like someone or something. But I wanted my daughter to enjoy every bit of schooling. 

I always wanted her to be happy , I know she loves dressing up , even though am not a crafty person , I thought I should try my hands on it. From the day I got the letter from school , i just signed the consent form without thinking, because I was just sure about one things, whatever happens I will dress her up as something but never sure about as ‘what’ . 

My fellow parents kept asking me , what idea I had in mind, I was skeptical , sometimes scared I might drop the idea about fancy dress , still I just wanted her to be happy . Finally I was sure I wanted her to be something beautiful but what ???

Again thoughts kept hurdling in my mind , finally I browsed n browsed and browsed and finalised on mermaid . Again making it was lil tedious for me , because I have never attempted art and craft , but for her anything I can do.

And I made it, and landed up in fancy dress competition as a lovely lil mermaid.

Time flies

Time is like running out of my hands, never knew that my younger one is turing 8 months , and things are becoming more difficult for me to manage, yet am able to push myself to my limits.

I wanted to be at least a good mom, not perfect, at least .

I keep myself busy in my households , cooking ,cleaning , and with kids around , its like … has become more difficult. I take my put in something or to brows something ,and immediately ,she comes in ….either waking up or crawling and am unable to concentrate on words to put in. 

I close my laptop and get back to her. 

Things goes like these everyday , my single days goes busy like this and when my lovely lil gal comes back from school….she keeps me busy with her ,complaints and her daily activities ,  I am not getting to know what is actually boredom now.

But …

I am in love with this life.

Quite difficult to get out of this busy schedule.

I don’t know what will happen, when my younger one also get to go to school….that scares me…can’t even think what will i do without them , even though its just a matter of hours. The nightmares of being alone kills me.

I remember the days when my lovely lil gal had being to her school the very first day, I couldn’t help myself being away from her even for an hour , I just stepped in back to her school..and took her off .

Am I too anxious , or just a loving mom.

Those days are not too far when my younger one will also set off to her new life ,and I remain not knowing what to do.