Why do we stick on to bad memories ??

Am pretty sure , every single person on earth , has atlas one bad memory and we still cling on to it , as if its something good. why ?? I don’t know . Its basic human behaviour i guess, instead of reviving our good old memories , whenever we get a break, our idiotic heart, brings us the most painful memories into us.

My lovely lil girl too felt something painful , and that made me cry too . The very first time I was out of her sight for  long time , during my second ones delivery . It was long run from morn till evening , Even though I could hear her singing and telling stories outside the labor room , I was not supposed to move ,I felt like am caged and tangled up in chains , the only thought going on in my mind was just deliver and get out of the room asap, which was never in my hand. 

The moment I was out of the labor room , I just wanted to run out and hug my darling and share her the good news that she is being blessed with another lovely lil angel sister ,but my body was lagging behind my heart and , it wasn’t letting me move. The first thing I did was hug my daughter and give her lots of kisses , even before I lay on bed , and in that one day , I felt the pain I had never felt.

I realised quite late may be few months after all these , that my lovely lil gal , had gone through the same sorrow  that I had to, I didn’t know to smile and be happy or cry , it was a mixed feeling ,”she missed me “. She kept saying , that she waited waited for long ,,,to see me even asked the doc . I hugged her and placed a sweet kiss coated with my love . 

I know she is still scared  a lil , even though don’t know how to put it up to me, she keeps wandering around me and doesn’t go anywhere without me, I know she is clinging on to that day still , and am sure I can get rid of her thoughts ,, with lots of love and care.

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