Filling in with old memories

 College time is the best time of  your life, somewhere we know its  the joyful time of your life being with your friends and enjoying the campus , and by the end of this lovely time , you gonna have to deal with the inseparable items in life …,marriage,kids,…etc etc….. This busy 3-4 years of life , you are surely gonna miss , once its over leaving behind memories and loads of memories and truthful friends in your life. 

I met my best friend in my lovely campus and enjoyed with her ,every bit of the life there, we enjoyed rain , we enjoyed classes , teasing teachers , making friends with our best teachers and staffs , enjoying the campus , its beauty , elections , exams  and many more. Everyday we just hurry up to be in college and hate to have it ended soon . The days seems shorter and nights longer. 

After watching the movie “premam ”  , I was not actually watching the movie but watching the beauty of the campus , which gave me lots of memories. The chapel , wherein , myself and my best hostel mates come during Sundays evening for our prayers, I always loved accompanying my friends to the chapel , because, the beauty of the campus in the dusk , was just mesmerising , the cold breeze blowing through the windows of the chapel , bring back the memories of our parents , whom I missed the most in my hostel. The chapel was the place, wherein myself and my friends go in to pray everyday morning , for me all GOD was just one ,and am sure, my  prayers were heard , wherever I prayed in from.

The movie had the best parts of our college , like the classrooms , the library ( which we never used, other than for writing exams) and many more. Any place becomes beautiful in our memories when we have personal stories linked to it. On the very first day in the college when I came in for admission I never imagined that , this place will be the best place ever in my life  and never imagined that a girl who just casually met over near the office on the day of admission , and second time sharing an umbrella on a rainy first day of our class , will be a friend for lifetime.

Its sometime  good to bring back our memories , to feel fresh and happy again ,and the feel that we are not alone, there is always someone who is your best friend and will always be with you sharing every worry or joy with you, who miss you always .

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