a girl child

Is a girl being brought up  .to be someones else.

A girl is brought up by parents , and then finally married off, and becomes someone else forever, atlas good nowadays things are changing , even she gets the tight to be with her parents. Wonder why in olden days , girls were treated like some household items sold after being cared and nourished till a certain time.

A girls is brought up, to be good, simple, loving caring and a housekeeper, a cleaner and some caretaker , and whats the only thing she gets in reruns , love which is only for others happiness, her happiness is never counted and just ignored. Her dreams , her happiness becomes crushed and moulded for others needs.

Some idiot has  put down some rules ,that a girl should be like this, she should be married off soon , is it really that girls are burden for their parents. She is with her parents to a certain age , and suddenly a stranger comes and with all consents , marries her off and take her home , wherein she becomes a household item like a fridge ,tv or a washing machine , who is switched on and off as and when necessary and if she rebels , she will be worked on and screwed up for everyones necessity and  if still not repaired .. thrown out of house and becomes second hand item with no use until a genuine user comes up who knows to take care.

There are very few fortunate ones , who are being loved and treated well , reading though news all around the  world  about abuses and harassment, my heart aches. Wondering whats in store for all the kids. We need  to protect  our kids from all these demons.

Oh God give all the strength to face this dirty world.

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