Did she loose herself busy in others world

Everywhere you can find women busy in their phase of life, forgetting everything in and around their own small world. It is a normal custom , that women tend to move on, making new friends in every phase of life ,staging a different self before anyone. Long lost are friends from the school, colleges, and even work phase. She has more to do and more to maintain in her everyday life.

Life is getting busier all the time. Hardly she finds time for herself. Everyone blames women for being so hard in case of friendships at times and blame that she struggles a lot to keep her friendships from her older phases. Little did they know , she is struggling to put herself in everyone’s shoes and fit in everywhere she can.

Some find a time when it’s all lost, the charm of life and everything. By the time she realizes the need of her old long lost friends it will be almost a long lost life. Yet God gives her a chance to cherish the friendships. Because she is busy in nourishing her new relation every point of her life. Being a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, a mother,may be a mother again , aunty and much more.

But where is she?? At times , it is a must to give her some time for her self to think about what she wants in her life, be herself, be her parent’s little girl, a sister pampering herself with friends and enjoy the pretty days of her life, where she walked without any stress. You might find her multitasking , and elegantly managing everything , but little does everyone know , how much she needs her own time ,which she has sacrificed for the best of others. She can still take it on her own, but at times, she is so tired that she can’t do anything other than just gaze around the house and look blankly at the walls or even sit watching the cartoon channel unknowing that her kids have already slept.

Time to take up some break, and enjoy . I may not know when .. but hopefully, in the near future, say I the span of 5-6 years until I don’t come up with some thing new and challenging.

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