Are you educated ?

A mom and daughter were in deep conversation about her daughter’s project. She was helping her kids with the day-to-day activities of the school. When suddenly her daughter asked ” mom, are you educated?” . The question was almost shocking. She was not sure what to say , cringed at the thought , what her Lil angel had asked. All she could recollect was the good old days of her successful career and education. She could recollect she was a topper in her class and everything she did, had received a loud applause. And here she is right in front of her daughter, puzzled.

A common question , one of the stay-at-home mom has to phase at one stage. It is easy at times to gulp in a little air of congestion that causes the turmoil of the question. But many questions pops in the mind of that puzzled mom ,

Why did she think that I wasn’t educated?

After numerous mentioning about her old times at workplace and colleges, what made her think that I was not educated?

What kind of impression am I giving my child?

It is a tough thing to explain the kid who is hardly seven years to know what her mom had done all these years. But for a mom, the question is surely heartbreaking. It happened to me quite some time back when my daughter asked me the same when she was hardly 5 years.

I felt , that am giving her a wrong notion , that only uneducated moms remain at home. It is not about education. It is about how much love and care we want to give them, that we chose to be at home, leaving all the ambitions thrown away just to be happy with or kids.

That was when , I decided I should opt for a job, that gives me a comfort at home as well as be with my angels. I remember the day when I conveyed the message to my darling that their mom is working , but from home. It was my sheer joy to tell them , that I am a working mom now. It just added a feather to my hat of satisfaction. The joy on her face was uncomparable.

For me as a mom, I want my kids to feel proud of what I am to them. I know it will happen one day , that kids will kind of repel from us, but again there is a stage in everyone’s life when kids need their mom more than anyone else in the world.

We as a mom, need to promise ourselves to be something beyond a household and inspire them to be strong women even if we are not career-oriented.


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5 thoughts on “Are you educated ?

  1. In today’s fast moving world, it is required that people have to work day and night. And the way global market is progressing, involvement of women in all sectors has been tremendous and substantial. But at the same time, women who give everything up for the sake of her children has to be appreciated. The question asked is really important. What kind of impression are we reall

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