Making an impression out of scrap

As I lay on the bed after all my tiring works and with swollen legs and a tiring body , I could just sink into sleeping, yet I kept my eyes wide awake and browsing through the pages of my work. Trying hard to focus. 

The more I try to be awake, the more I was feeling sleepier. Am not a person who can be wide awake(except for movies) , but am a person who wakes up early in the morning. I love early morning, the freshness , and the calmness (except for those howling dogs out in the area)  I feel mornings are a perfect time. The mind is fresh and the soul rejuvenated. 

As long as I can recall, the time when my mom was working and I was a kid ,I always admired her for her strengths, the ones which I wish to get inherited from her. The sad part is, am nowhere near to her in any of the qualities. I always carry around a “mom effect” , as soon as I stayed with her for few days. It doesn’t stay longer but still keeps me happier. 

Mom effect 

“A phenomenon wherein we usually tend to follow our mother’s footsteps, like waking up early in the morning, cleaning up well, getting organized and doing things in her style”

As I said , it doesn’t last longer. 

As soon as the effect is gone, am back to my abnormality. I wish I  was strong like her. She is an abode of talents to me ,someone I try to be but never can be.

The other times when I am not influenced by “mom effect” am always in the inertia state.The state continues until I have some external or internal forces. I don’t account if it is a normal thing, but I always have an adrenalin rush to get things done , only at the last moment. That moment I am able to do everything I thought might be impossible. 

Yes , indeed weird for me. 

That is the transition I have always.But the enthusiasm and the energy I gather at that time is always at the most. Being slow makes my tasks more laborious. Maybe I am someone who likes to work under pressure. 

It’s like am not a “Time management” expert, but someone running out of time. When I have more to do , I focus on my works and go for it. I get to plan things faster when am in the midst of chaos. I am not a “planner” , but someone who love to do things . The only aim, as I start doing will be the time I get to rest in the end. 
While focusing on “resting time” , I work harder, faster and better.

Whatever we do, do it with your whole heart filled with pleasure and happiness, the key to success is that .The change that I am working on myself as I am working on my effective 30s ,trying to make an impression out of my scrap. 


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Everything about me might look mystic. All I do is be in love, love till death parts my way. I wana be the secret you adore the most , and keep close by.

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