You are my destiny…



None knows which road we need to take to reach our destiny

All the paths looks same to me

each one is less traveled and unexplored

whenever I reach a point where there are deviations

I listen to my heart, as I know – it will guide me perfectly to you

I know you are in one of the roads, in the end, waiting for me …

the roads are rough and have rocky terrain

I can walk barefoot and take up all the pains – just to be with you

You walked the same to be with me , and I know that once we are together, there is nothing more beautiful

the mist covered paths were giving me chills

yet my soul could lead me to you

my soul kept convincing me that in the end, i will be near you

After meeting you, there were never ending dreams

The dreams that my heart had buried for a life which I was living a lie

I knew I was in love, yet I didn’t want to agree to it as I knew I cannot be with you

Yet I knew that our love was strong enough to let me sustain this life

Even if I cannot be with you now, I knew I was born for you

Even when far away, the sensation of being with you was the most powerful one

I could ever feel

Even when far away from you, you could sense my insecurity, you could sense my instability

you have kindled the inner soul in me , which was buried under the scars in me

the scars that were invisible to others camouflaged by the convincing smile I carried with me

you discovered the real me and took pains to love me

your love lets me uncover myself and let the world face the real me.

As I walked past all the hurdles, there you were stretching your hands out for me

waiting ..

As I ran into you, I was bleeding and I could see that you were hurt too

yet when I reached your arms, I felt like being in heaven

cuddling me in your arms, the whole world seemed to empty

and I felt the whole world is in your strong hands

the world that we belonged to.


7 thoughts on “You are my destiny…

  1. Thanks for the like and i believe you have understood that post was’maranittumendino manassil thulumbunnu’ malayalam film song. πŸ™‚

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