He held her in his heart


His eyes were filled with tears

His heart was pumping hard

He held her arms tightly

as her eyes were deeply looking into his

he tried to hold her towards him closely

but even as he tried, she was hurting herself

he couldn’t see her in pain

all he wanted was her happiness

Yet, as she fell into thorns, he held her tightly

his eyes trying to betray his heart to not let her go

he slowly closed his eyes, conveying to her that it is time to let go

she helplessly, let her hands off the thorns she held

loosening herself into his arms

finally, the pain they were afraid to embrace was not existing at all

all she felt was the joy of being in him

he squeezed her in his arms

dismissing everything for a second

his tears ran down his cheeks to her lips

he brushed his lips on her’s

caressing her in his arms

they snuggled

and the universe rejoiced their union

as she began to cry out of joy

he fondly held her cheeks and nibbled it

She smiled shyly and hid in his arms

All they did was love and forget themselves in the world who separated them.

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