The tender hands walked me to my dreams


You held my hands so tight
as if it was me learning to walk
I held your tender hands, not to let you fall
yet you showed me that falling is needed
to learn to walk rightly
With you, I learned the basics
I never knew how to hold you
the scare kept me awake
if I would cause you any harm
I touched you as if you were a piece of silk
the softness was keeping me alive
anything that would hurt you was my pain
I held you close to my heart, cuddled in my arms
as you were my treasure
from the day you were born, it was hard to keep you away from my arms
the days when you first noticed me
I remember the smile that appeared on your face
the way your soft hands caressed my breast while feeding you
the way you ran towards me, as you took your first steps
the first words you uttered
everything is fresh in my memories
you let my dreams come to live
you inspired me, that I should live up my dreams
you tempted me to struggle hard, to keep up my high spirit
you let me believe​ in myself and walked me out of insecurity
when I thought you would be the weakness in me,
you turned out to be the greatest strength in my life.


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