He was a demon, yet I loved him


I walked to the shore

gazing the streets

as if it showed me nothing

the ads were invisible

the darkness was overshadowing

the sun was sinking into the ocean

the stars began to wake up from their deep sleep

I knew he would be awake by then

awaiting me

it was his time to be awake

the darkness was his daylight

I waited for the moon to arrive

when he will be alive to me

until then he was as cold as the dead one

the warmth of his blood comes out in the moon

yet he was fierce

and feared by many

yet he was the one I fell in love with

he was demon yet I gave away my heart to him.



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Everything about me might look mystic. All I do is be in love, love till death parts my way. I wana be the secret you adore the most , and keep close by.

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