Tangled in a web



I was wandering the streets

like a free bird

you tangled me in our cobwebs

locking my movements

locking my dreams

I cried, I begged

yet there was no stand of mercy

your eyes never showed love

the beast in your heart mocked me

I stood there, unknowingly

the path out of it

the chains grew stronger

the locks became deeper

I sat away from the world

I knew how to stay away from the webs

the chains that were locking me for years

the shackles were not bounded on my hands but my heart

until one day, when there was rain

the water swept off the web, flicking me off to my path

the path looked familiar to me

the path that I left years before

that led me to my dreams

I walked towards my dreams to achieve it.


Posted by

Everything about me might look mystic. All I do is be in love, love till death parts my way. I wana be the secret you adore the most , and keep close by.

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