Listen to the silent music that unwinds you

At times 

it takes a lifetime to know  a person

at times

you fall for a person in an instant

when you confuse your self

with what is reality and what is life

let us just live the moment

the moment when you lose your self

the moment when you are just you

unlike the planned you

loosen your soul

let it fly like a leaf led by the wind

uncovering the infidelity and the joy of freedom

the joy is tremendous and unforgettable

the mixture of thrill and excitement that entices the soul

loosing your fears and embracing the truths of your soul

never hide away from your true self

let the tide strike you at the right time

making it thrash you like never before

empowering the power of love within you

reincarnate yourself from your dead soul

enjoy the bliss of life..fall in love..forget the world

dance to the rhythm of your soul 

a silent music that unwinds you…



7 thoughts on “Listen to the silent music that unwinds you”

  1. Connections of hearts are rare and very strong when it happens. That bond is beyond human understanding. Sometimes they go to such an impermissible extent that it’s difficult for us to get back to our normal reality. But connections let you feel free, unwinding and amazing. Even our responsibile conscience fail to help us to walk ahead straight.

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    1. every thing happens for a reason in our life. At times it is uncontrollable but it is supposed to happen. All ends well in the world. You just have to strongly believe.

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