I wish I had not caused you the pain…

It is all my fault

I wish I could correct it

I wish I had the power to vanish away your pain

I wish I could wash away the guilt of causing you pain

I wish I had an eraser to erase the past

And give you all mine 

there is no looking back 

as I know I already caused the pain

the pain that cannot be erased away

the guilt is killing me inside

yet you smiled and kissed away my sorrows

I wondered how strong you were

words never made me feel better than your hugs

wishes every second I could take the pain and give you happiness

I prayed every second to break away that pain from you

but my prayers seemed unheard

the more you suffered , my heart yearned to death

as I cannot see you in pain

wish I had never caused you the agony for loving me.


8 thoughts on “I wish I had not caused you the pain…”

    1. yes.. sometimes , we just commit things, which we never should knowingly or unknowingly. As you cannot witness to see the receiver go through the pain, you feel terrible.


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