I am like the weather

at times calm,

at times pleasant

at times the worst 

at times the dull one

you can either contain a drop of me

you can never encapsulate me 

the moment am dropped like the rain I spread across

I can bring hailstones upon you

or the sweet little droplets of the coolest rain

never trust my patience, never take me granted

I have ambitions, do not let me bury it

I sleep with a smile or with a broken heart

yet I wake up to be the strong fighter’

Never try to tame me, as I can break the cage open

walk away one day, when I stop to try

Never judge my smile, it is a charm that I deck up to hide my sufferings

I catch whatever life throws at me, with the zeal of enthusiasm 

I am what I am born to be – A strong Woman.



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