The angel in my LIfe

A cuddling feel

The soft touch of your hands holding mine

evoking thousands of memories

The best hug I could get 

The best touch that can bring me alive

beside you, I want  to live forever

your smile is the best medicine

your words are my lessons

I cannot bear the pain of anyone hurting you

you are my world always 

you are my inner strength 

you behold my life 

I may not remember the first feel of being in your arms

but I remember the time I first saw the angel of my life

the one whom I wanna live forever with

there is no better place than your arms in the world

The peaceful sleep you bestow in there 

Nothing can replace the joy I receive from you

~~~~ Dedicated my loving mom. 

2 thoughts on “The angel in my LIfe

  1. For the second time you wrote for her and it amazing Sreepriya. You choose such beautiful words to express yourself that really make the poem so beautiful. Read it out to her… Translate it for her if she doesn’t understand English but she should know how her daughter thinks of her.

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