Sail across my words

I wish to write

write as much as I can

words take away my pain

words let me think clear

do not judge me by my words

words are the deepest feelings  I whisper in the world

words are kindling my soul

imbibing me to live a dream 

a dream that is only a dream

sail across my words

as I am not the destiny of it

My words will never leave you shallow

Let me fill your world with the letters of my life

fill your soul with unspoken words

as your soul will take you where you want to go

live in my words 

And let me swim through it. 




4 thoughts on “Sail across my words

  1. Hahaha… True… I made the mistake initially thinking what you are writing… Worried for the writer… Now I can just swim through your words… But still I keep my eyes and ears and mind open… Lol😂

    Liked by 1 person

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