Memories burnt her soul


Memories of a drive

remained in her heart forever

the curvy roads that took them high up the mountain

the dark nights that blinded the gazing eyes

letting them kiss secretly

holding hands together they sat

witnessing the darkness blanketing the world around them

they fought, cried and kissed away all the pain

holding their hands together they enjoyed the moments

that was slipping away 

drifting their life into two separate spheres

their joy was profound till then

till the moment came where they parted their ways

for the goodness of others, sacrificing their joy 

the dreams they built together, hiding away from the world.




The fire witnessed their love

Bonfire at night! : Stock Photo

In the shadow of the fire burning

her face glistened like glazing sun

her eyes reflected the fire outside 

conflicting the burning desire in her

she smiled  as their eyes met

he sat at the other edge of the table

floating in her dreamy eyes

brushing his fingers on her skin

feeling the warmth gushing out in his blood

the fire was shadowing her face 

yet her eyes shone like the 

stars in the sky 

she kept her hands in his 

like she gave her life in his

the fire in them never extinguished 

they flamed together bringing in their souls to life.



Love gesture Everyday


As you rest your head on my lap

I swiftly evade through your curls 

playing my favorite tags 

as you slowly relax on my lap

I tickle your neck, exciting your nerves

I see you smile with your eyes closed

You hold my hands to your chest

Where I could feel your heartbeats 

You held my neck with your warm hands

and brought me closed to your lips

kissing me on my forehead, with a smile 

I know my heaven is in your arms

there is no better place than being with you.