Together we weaved a world of our own

Image result for walking towards a dream together

broken desires

broken dreams

broken words

unable to be me

destructing myself inwardly

I shut myself from the world I desired

I shun away from peace

left all the leaves unturned and unnurtured

walked away like never to be returned

as you pulled me back

as you were equally broken like me

our eyes met and led us to a hope

a hope which we lived 

a life that began from an unbroken promise

to be with each other forever

tackling difficulties unshattered and unshaken

living a reality yet in an unreal world

a world that we weaved together.

11 thoughts on “Together we weaved a world of our own

  1. I seem to be following quite a few writers in WP and whenever I read their posts, I end up wishing how nice would it be if I could write like them. Your post is no exception. Beautifully written.

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