The battles

Sacrifice seems inevitable

Don’t I deserve more

Craved my heart

Silence bloomed

And I compromised

Devil in me was happiest

The good in me lived

Undying desire for freedom burned

Evil in me targetted many

The battle went on

Until the real me was pulled out

You bring out the love

Every moment I restrained it

Tears became the reality

As all I ever wanted was you

And you seemed to be far .

Parting ways seems impossible

Eyes are teary

Every moment is suffocating

My life dreading away in sober

All nights go in vague

I know my life is in your arms

All I wish is to be enclosed in there

Tear away my mask

And take me as yours

As living becomes impossible

Parting lips is like am drowning

Death seems easier than living away from you.


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Eyelids shadowing my vision

all it want me is to feel my inner self

wherein we are uniting in my dreams

fervent love in our souls

tapping the emotions that flow

with my eyes shut

I feel every inch you caress

I feel the fuming of my inner soul

as you enter me I discover myself

in your eyes I reclaim myself

every touch is the satisfaction of the crave

every untouched space is in need of redemption

love never sins, when we belong to each other


Sin of love

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I just wish

I could grab you in my arms

close my eyes and cherish  kiss

hold my breath and feel you all over me

engulf my thoughts with the aroma you shower on me

wish to adorn you in my eyes 

like light to the darkness

you enlightened my life

missing is unbearable

hold me close to you

and let us vanish from the world that abandons us

for the sin of loving each other.