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Unending love

Emotions when conveyed in words does magic…
Sometimes we cannot convey in words..but the way we love depicts it..
Sreepriya Menon
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Unbroken touch

Love knows no bounds. To be loved truly is like a gift bestowed. Cherish the love of your life.
Sreepriya Menon
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Poem colllection

Love in the distance never diminishes

Distant love | Soulrecitals
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Even a world apart.

we share the same heartbeat.

like the rhythm of the same song..

you and I are lyrics of a single melody..

even distance fails to burden our hearts..

the journey seems endless to be one

yet we began in the context of love..

which is endless, even when the world seems shorter

walk alone or in a company,

you will feel me, right when you need me..

and we are each other’s north stars…

leading us together towards our destiny..

we wait, as long as our hearts beat…

even when distance and time is a mystery to us…

we began our journey to be one forever.