Life is a chaos

Life is chaotic,
whispered my mind…
it inspired me,
shattered me…
kicked my patience out,
yet it landed me without much time.
Here I change from the
chronicles of my thoughts to chaos,
where I landed in.
This is how I became a chaotic poetess.

The gravity that takes me to ecstasy

What attracts me more?
I wish i knew.
Because the moment you are around.
I lose my senses.
Your gravity pulls me, harder.
And the rest emotions, are just apparitions.
All i hear is the words you speak.
All i feel is your fingers sketching on me.
And all i am lost in is in your kiss.
That just takes me to a world where only you and I exist.
I wanna linger in that world, where we talk endlessly.
Uninterruptedly….until our words collide into a beautiful kiss.
Your eyes take me to that ecstasy.
Where my life reigns with yours.
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Listening to your eyes…

I never knew,
That my world is confined in those eyes.
The way it looks at me.
Says thousands of things.
You leave unsaid.
As i look at you.
My heart whispers to me.
Every word you wanna say…
I could feel the pain, love, and passion.
That your mind wanna let me feel.
I could look at you,
And fall in love a multitude of times.
I could listen to you all day long.
And embrace you all along…
You are my life…
Conveyed your eyes.
When my heartbeat skipped a second.
Agreeing with you in every heartbeat.
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #waitingforyou #youandme #love #loveeverywhere

Descending deeper into me

Descend deep into me..
let me allow you to unearth me.
delving farther into me…
all you will see is just a deeper reflection of you
you become the colour of my blood..
and you run through my veins,
keeping me alive every moment..
being with you is like being alive..
your tactility arouses me
from my death..
as you are my gravity,
that pulls me to life..
a life, that becomes full with you beside.
the way you behold me,
in your eyes..
in your life..
nothing can awaken my passion..
like you do.

Mon Amour

Beholding the moment,
I just looked deep into you..
as you caress my fingers..
through those eyes,
all I could see is my abode..
the home where I am at the fullest…
your eyes are the epitome of my love …
the reflection of my feelings,
which I can feel all over me..
The way you look into my eyes..
I could read your mind..
and it whispers to me ..
that none in the world can love you as I love you.