Dive into me

Cuddle me.
Hold me along.
Let me forget the whole world around.
All i need is you.
The way you look deep into me.
It is like you are unlocking my closed doors.
And delve deep into me.
Our lips never depart from each other.
Like our hands, that never get tired of penning the best poems on each other…
Day or night…
The moment i spent with with you is the best one…
Without you, i feel like drowning…
Your smile drives me crazy…
All i wanna have is you….your touch.
The ones that keep me alive.
All of me craves all of you.
And our life is perfectly imperfect with each other beside…
Take me in your arms,
As the shower drenches us,
I feel like you are flowing on me.
Your fingers, drawing through my edges.
Like you are outlining me in your mind.
Before you dive deep into me.
I wanna let you drown into me,
Discovering the unknown edges,
Which is all for yours.
And get to know my perfect imperfections.
As i give you all me….and my soul.
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My muse

You are muse…
Causing my poetry to overflow…
Every time I am right next to you.
I crave you more than ever.
I crave for your hands to grab my waist.
My lips crave for your lips.
To write the best poetry in your mind.
The way your eyes wade through eyes to my thoughts.
Tickling my inner senses.
I just wish you pounce upon me…
And just fill my empty depths.
You are the right fit for my emotions.
The one who knows me in and out.
Without a doubt…
You make me fall in love crazily…
Your eyes, struck upon mine.
Invites me to deeply connect with your soul.
All I know is that I fell deeply in love with you.
Like you are mine…
And I am yours…
Every time we are apart…
There are traces of you left in me.
Which reminds me of our lovely moments.
The moments, when our skins sparked our desire….like never before.

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You are my favorite…

What do i say…
When all about you is my favourite.
Where do i begin?
When you are unfinished in my life.
Every time my heart feels you.
You are like fresh dew upon the leaf.
Like the first raindrops on the soil.
You drench me in your aura.
Your smile enlightens mine.
My depths are watered by your emotions.
Your moustache tickles my lips.
The way you bite me.
I feel like you are savouring me…
Your taste entices my tastebuds…
And it remains within me.
The slow thrust of your skin..upon mine…i enjoy the chest hair drawing on my skin…
Like being electrified.
Your love enthralls me…from deep within…
The way you look into my eyes…
As if you are diving into it…
I just wanna embrace you.
And take you deep into my soul.
The soul,
Which is all yours forever.

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Her mind is an unending wave

She is lost like a broken kite in the wind.
Her mind is in chaos…
And you do not mirror her thoughts.
Instead, you cage her thoughts.
Her vision and her dreams…
It’s hard for her to put up her wishes.
And snatch her freedom from you.
Because you cage her.
By your emotions…
Emotions she grew up watching.
Her feet crave the moist sands of the sea.
The sea which contains her pathway to freedom…
Her mind is wavering,
She puts up words and deeds, which seems unpromising.
But you never realize.
She does it like a caged bird who craves freedom.
Understanding her beyond your inhibitions is your impossibility.
She remains caged,
Until you break away your inhibitions.
To be her best friend.


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The invisible connection….

What brought us together is not lust.
It’s not just love.
It’s our acceptance of our faults.
It’s all about how we can’t live apart.
It’s all about our commitment.
It’s all about what we shared.
You indeed see my heart naked.
And i see yours.
Life without you is like tearing me apart.
Stay right in front of my eyes.
As you are inside me.
The distance is temporary.
We are always a heartbeat away.
As you leap into my heart ……
There is no life without you.
As we fall into each other’s arms.
It’s a delightful moment.
A moment where we find the love within…
The fire within us rings like the bells in the wind.
Echoing in each other.
It’s that melody,
The invisible connection…
That led us to each other.


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