My muse

You are muse…
Causing my poetry to overflow…
Every time I am right next to you.
I crave you more than ever.
I crave for your hands to grab my waist.
My lips crave for your lips.
To write the best poetry in your mind.
The way your eyes wade through eyes to my thoughts.
Tickling my inner senses.
I just wish you pounce upon me…
And just fill my empty depths.
You are the right fit for my emotions.
The one who knows me in and out.
Without a doubt…
You make me fall in love crazily…
Your eyes, struck upon mine.
Invites me to deeply connect with your soul.
All I know is that I fell deeply in love with you.
Like you are mine…
And I am yours…
Every time we are apart…
There are traces of you left in me.
Which reminds me of our lovely moments.
The moments, when our skins sparked our desire….like never before.

#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #loveiseverhwhere #truelove #youandme

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