You are my favorite…

What do i say…
When all about you is my favourite.
Where do i begin?
When you are unfinished in my life.
Every time my heart feels you.
You are like fresh dew upon the leaf.
Like the first raindrops on the soil.
You drench me in your aura.
Your smile enlightens mine.
My depths are watered by your emotions.
Your moustache tickles my lips.
The way you bite me.
I feel like you are savouring me…
Your taste entices my tastebuds…
And it remains within me.
The slow thrust of your skin..upon mine…i enjoy the chest hair drawing on my skin…
Like being electrified.
Your love enthralls me…from deep within…
The way you look into my eyes…
As if you are diving into it…
I just wanna embrace you.
And take you deep into my soul.
The soul,
Which is all yours forever.

#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #lovepoetry #writeaboutlove #loveisunique #youandme #foreverinlove

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