Dive into me

Cuddle me.
Hold me along.
Let me forget the whole world around.
All i need is you.
The way you look deep into me.
It is like you are unlocking my closed doors.
And delve deep into me.
Our lips never depart from each other.
Like our hands, that never get tired of penning the best poems on each other…
Day or night…
The moment i spent with with you is the best one…
Without you, i feel like drowning…
Your smile drives me crazy…
All i wanna have is you….your touch.
The ones that keep me alive.
All of me craves all of you.
And our life is perfectly imperfect with each other beside…
Take me in your arms,
As the shower drenches us,
I feel like you are flowing on me.
Your fingers, drawing through my edges.
Like you are outlining me in your mind.
Before you dive deep into me.
I wanna let you drown into me,
Discovering the unknown edges,
Which is all for yours.
And get to know my perfect imperfections.
As i give you all me….and my soul.
#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #poemsonlove #loveiseverywhere #justlove #youandme #truelove #justyou

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