I want you that way….

I want you that way,
Like i could lose my control.
The moments when my lips never repel yours.
The way my craziness heightens.
I want you the way,
You hold me, to never be apart.
The way your eyes tickle my skin.
And your lips, devour the essence in me.
The way you look into my eyes.
Drawing your fingers all over me. With a peck of your lips on every inch of me.
Devouring and depetaling me,
Like I am a unique flower, you wanna adorn…
I lay in your arms…
With you enclosing me and rekindling my fire within
Engulfing in your aroma,
Which is scintillating my soul…
You become me..and then it’s just us Eventually.

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You are the one,who i need

You are the one,
Who brings me alive…
The way your eyes navigate through my skin.
It sets my heart on fire.
My thinking becomes unclear.
As your hands start penning on me.
The spark you bring in me.
Is like setting me on fire.The way we sway together,.like the waves of the ocean playing together…
Your eyes, invigorate much more emotions in me.
I erupt like a volcano,
You caress me like a flower…
Loving me like the dew on the petals.
Your love is like the cure for all pain…
The moment you are beside me.
My heart races at its highest momentum.
My lips crave yours.
It’s like something earnestly pursued forever.
My heart whispers to you every moment.
When we are closer.
To take me in.
And ride with me the road to ecstasy.
Because all i need is you.
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Make peace with my pain

Sealing my eyes,
I did try to make peace with my pain.
The pain just started to accumulate in me.
I prayed hard,
Not to break away from my shell.
The pain of being away from you,
Hurts me much more,
More than i ever could imagine.
I am holding up everything,
Mounting every pain on top of another.
My eyes flooded with emotions…
But i know, i shall not shed my tears.
Never let my pain take over me.
I do not wanna be away from you anymore,
all i need is you….
So i keep peace with my pain…
Letting it engulf me,
Agonizing every inch of me.
Until i know, the moment
When i can fall into your arms.
Embrace you and forget the pain.
With you peck on my forehead.
Until then,
I contain it within me.
And my smile conceals it.
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I wish I knew…

I wish i knew.
That its ok to be imperfect.
It’s okay to be angry.
It’s okay to fail.
It’s ok to fall ….but get up again.

I wish i knew, that there are no perfect moms.
I wish i knew, that i could fail as a mom..and learn again…
I wish i knew, that i can be vulnerable…
I wish i knew, i could dream.

I wish i knew i could be as messy as i am.
I wish i knew that it was ok to be single…
I wish i knew, i could be unsuccessful…
I wish i knew i could move on even with a heart block.
I wish i knew i could be depressed and not judged.
I wish i knew, i could cry openly.
I wish i knew that i could get angry.
I wish I knew, I could learn from mistakes…
I wish I knew, that I can be beautiful in my way…
I wish i knew it was ok to be fat.
I wish i knew it was ok to be who i am.

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I am not a dumpster for your narrow thoughts…

I become the carrier of judgement…
People judge me, based on their perceptions of me.
Everyone has their point of view…
Which i differ with all along.
They see me as a bold woman.
Who writes poetry… especially erotic ones…
This is where the judgement comes into the picture.
Interested parties..come to me asking…many things.
Which i have zero interest in.
Still..approaches me, in the hope that i fall into their tricks.
They see me as gullible and vulnerable.
And judge my words.
It’s easy for them to assume that i am a harlot.
A fallen woman.
That’s the shortest their mind can travel.
They dont seek my consent.
They dont want to know me.
But use me…
All they forget is that they have women in their homes.
And it’s easier for me to point me to them…
Which might infuriate many…

But trust me.
I care none.
As they never cared for my emotions.
Remember folks.
I am no garbage dumpster for your narrow thoughts
I am a woman who has her own opinions.
Thoughts and much more.
Which I intend to sparkle in my words.
Don’t be a stereotype when it comes to women.

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