None wants a sad person

Nights are creepier…
As it ever was.
Reminding her of those dreadful days.
When the pain was the only resort she could find, to hide away from shame.
An age where toys were fancied.
She was ruined to the core.
Where happiness was in the core.
She was embedded with insecurity and void…
She tried to convince the world, about the pain..she is enduring.
But no one wants a sad person.
All want smiles, irrelevant of what their mental state is.
Her void grew, and all she sought was acceptance…
A saga of acceptance journey began in her life.
Which was just smoked away, in a matter of time…
Leaving her vulnerable and weak.
But after numerous sorrowful nights…failed suicide attempts.
All she learned was that sacrifice is the key to winning hearts…
She went on giving up everything, even her soul…
But then one day, her pillows stopped consoling her…
It was time for her to rise,
Rise above her pain, insecurity and regret.
She realized that it was never her fault.
It was the fault of others not being able to see her as her…
She set herself free,
And her poetry began to bleed.