I am not a dumpster for your narrow thoughts…

I become the carrier of judgement…
People judge me, based on their perceptions of me.
Everyone has their point of view…
Which i differ with all along.
They see me as a bold woman.
Who writes poetry… especially erotic ones…
This is where the judgement comes into the picture.
Interested parties..come to me asking…many things.
Which i have zero interest in.
Still..approaches me, in the hope that i fall into their tricks.
They see me as gullible and vulnerable.
And judge my words.
It’s easy for them to assume that i am a harlot.
A fallen woman.
That’s the shortest their mind can travel.
They dont seek my consent.
They dont want to know me.
But use me…
All they forget is that they have women in their homes.
And it’s easier for me to point me to them…
Which might infuriate many…

But trust me.
I care none.
As they never cared for my emotions.
Remember folks.
I am no garbage dumpster for your narrow thoughts
I am a woman who has her own opinions.
Thoughts and much more.
Which I intend to sparkle in my words.
Don’t be a stereotype when it comes to women.

#justme #woman #, being a woman #mythoughts #notafeminist #garbage

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