Make peace with my pain

Sealing my eyes,
I did try to make peace with my pain.
The pain just started to accumulate in me.
I prayed hard,
Not to break away from my shell.
The pain of being away from you,
Hurts me much more,
More than i ever could imagine.
I am holding up everything,
Mounting every pain on top of another.
My eyes flooded with emotions…
But i know, i shall not shed my tears.
Never let my pain take over me.
I do not wanna be away from you anymore,
all i need is you….
So i keep peace with my pain…
Letting it engulf me,
Agonizing every inch of me.
Until i know, the moment
When i can fall into your arms.
Embrace you and forget the pain.
With you peck on my forehead.
Until then,
I contain it within me.
And my smile conceals it.
#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #truelove #paininlove #loveandpain #makepeacewithpain #love #loveheals

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