I levitate as you peck…

There is nothing more.
That i need,
When i am in your arms.
It’s like peace has engulfed me.
Your breath is tantalizing,
Like the soft breeze just after the rain.
The way you move into me,
Is like thunder and rain.
Causing my mind to race.
The rage you uncover in me.
Is like the wild winds of the sea.
We play like the waves,
Meddling each other.
Like the flower being pecked by the bees…
Inching into my soul.
You have become a prominent part of my soul…
Your touch, bring me to life.
Wherein i am lost in your eyes,
You are the envigorating piece of me.
Where i dwell forever.
The wild wind in me,
Levitate as you kiss my lips.
And gravitate as you kiss my forehead.
You are the switch to my ecstasy ride.
Which I carry in my heart.

#soulrecitals #thechaoticpoetess  #lovepoems  #poemsonlove #youandme #foreveryours #loveismagical #mylove

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