Seed of love

Like rose petals,
Kisses by dew drops.
Your lips envelop mine. The way you bite my lips…
When our eyes meet the fire and passion within us.
The way your tongue invades my mouth…
Brushing my tongue…
Lips breathing in together.
Like we are one.
As you press me closer to the wall.
And yourself on to me.
I am left overwhelmed in your arms,
The way you kiss me is always magical.
You look at me like,
I am the peace you crave.
The way you let yourself into me…
I feel like i am swallowing you greedily  …
Every inch of you is in sync with me…
Strong my skin slowly,
I could feel your burning passion,
That is embellishing my soul..
Like fire, you burn deep within me.
Melting away, a part of you,
Within me.
As the seed of love emerges.

TheChaoticPoetess- Soulrecitals
#soulrecitals #thechaoticpoetess #love #lovepoems #youAndme #kiss #kissoflove

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