Anchored in my soul

Clasped in his arms.
I lay watching the night sky.
It was like nature descending on me.
Melting away in the flaming desire.
Nibbling his tongue is like playing with lightning.
Every kiss convoyed into my thoughts.
And slowly up to my soul.
Every move he makes ruptures, my horizon of pleasure.
You slowly climb upon me.
Like a bee eagerly looking for honey from a flower…
Deflowering me.
You taste my soul.
Which dissolves in your lips.
And makes its journey towards your soul.
My body moves within your hands.
And sometimes you hold me, like a trophy of your happiness.
Like you are anchored into my deepest depths ..unknown to the world.
I forget the world, with the nudge of your tongue on me.
I prize your love, more than anything i am offered in this world.
You show me the heaven, i carved in my dreams with just a touch.


The ChaoticPoetess – Soulrecitals
#soulrecitals #thechaoticpoetess #loveendless #eroticpoems #poemsonyouandme #loveforever #instapoets

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