Yes, i loved many..but not like i loved you

You know what makes you so special for me..
You are the gem , i was always looking for ever since my journey began..
I loved many,
But none gave me that love,
I craved for..
Everyone i loved, assumed they deserve me..
But all i desereved was you..
The one with whom i feel alive..
The one who could make my eyes teary with a smile on my lips…
The one who can hold me, like never gonna be apart..
The one with whom, i can sleep and dream..
The one with whom i can tell stories and read my poems..
The ones whoes arms are like my home..
Yes, i did love many before you..
But then, only you led me to the real me hidden inside me for so long..
You are magic to me..
You are light to my darkness..
And my whole world….
You are my home, where i wanna fall asleep ,
Safe and sound.

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