It’s real, not skywriting

The moment i met your gaze.
I felt like a full bloom flower…
The way you looked into my eyes.
A smile buds on my lips.
Your lips reciprocated the smile.
And kissed me real tight.
I still remember the first bite.
With your palms cupping my face.
The warmth of your palms spreads right under my cheeks.
I loved that warmth.
The warmth of your skin against mine.
My heart blooms in your presence.
All i could feel is that tremendous gush of blood into my heart…
It’s like you are watering my soul.
Laying close to you.
With just nothing…
Between my skin and yours.
I could feel your breath upon my skin.
And your lips brushing on my skin…
Nothing is heaven as compared to being in your arms.
Love is not just skywriting.
When i am with you…

#soulrecitals #lovepoem #poemsonlove #beinginlove #magicspell #loveismagic

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