His eyes took a dip into my soul

As my hair, flirted with the breeze.
His eyes kept glancing at me.
Like i am the flower, being caressed by the breeze.
Slowly and carefully,
He fondled my fingers.
I held it in his hands.
The safe space, where i can show my vulnerability…
The way his eyes navigated…
It dived right into the ocean of my heart…
Where his love played with the waves,
That thudded right into the walls of my thumping heart…
In the rhythm of which,
His lips caressed mine…
The way his lips evaded into my mouth,
It was like i could feel him right inside me…
His lips were inseparable, like his warmth residing in me.
As he thrust his body into me…
He melted away, in my warmth.
The warmest places,
That none could explore.
I deflowered for him,
In a way like for none…
He was the bee tasting my honey,
The taste of which,
He shared into my lips…
Giving me the taste of him and me.
Amalgamated in sweat and honey,
We lay there overlooking the night sky,
Which lit up like never before.
Making my moments with you as spectacular as it ever is.
#soulrecitals #deflowered #love #honey #makinglove #loveforever #youandme #eroticpoetry

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