Like perfect pieces of a puzzle that stick together

Closer you linger.
The more i could hear your heartbeat.
Farther you stay,
Remember i am right here waiting for you.
Moments pass, even when farther away,
I could feel the warmth of your hug,
The way your lips, shower all love you have on mine.
The way you cup my face in your palms,
Looking deep into my eyes,
I see all that love you store in for me.
In your kiss, i could feel the intensity of your passion.
Your arms, it’s where i feel all the love in the world.
Take me in your arms,
Caress my skin,
Search in me the treasure you need…
When your fingers pen the poem of love in me.
I weave the realms of heaven around us.
Grab my waist, and fall deep into me.
Wrap around me, so that your aroma stays forever in me.
You are the one crafted for me,
We fit in like perfect pieces of the puzzle that stay together.

#soulrecitals #thechaoticpoetess #love #lovepoems #poemsonlove #loveisitheair #madeforeachother

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