Death bed

Life is soo short.
When you are on your deathbed, you realize that you have lost every moment you wished you had done this, instead of that.
There we lie, unconsciously watching people looking upon us, lying dead, unable to move even the tip of our finger. Everything froze, slowly taking away a piece of us from the world we created until then.
People around us, shedding tears for us, but are they crying for losing us, or for the monotony of shelter we offered them? The name, or relation we build eventually until i am on my deathbed.
See, it’s all temporary. Dont lie there dead thinking these, instead, take a glimpse of how brave you were, how much you accomplished and how much you were loved.
Dont die before you are on that deathbed.
Be alive, feel alive.
Let’s live and let others live.

#lifequotes #lifeisnevereasy #deathbedthoughhts

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