Relish me as your last breath

Dance away in your arms.
Like a dream,
The way you look into my eyes,
It’s like, you are the king to the throne of my heart.
I vaporize, even when I am drenched with you.
Take me away,
As i know,
What i need is always you.
Let me be your breath,
That fills in you.
Giving you a life.
You are my reason to breathe
And the treason to my death.
Even if i am gifted with a moment of your embrace before i cave into the hidden walls,
I would be delighted.
Cherish those moments,
With you,
Wherein we relish, what’s ours.
Whisper in my ears, those words
I hear your heartbeat whisper into mine,
Every time you come closer to me.
Love me endlessly,
Like tomorrow is the end of the world.
Let me be the last breath, you take in.

#soulrecitals #thechaoticpoetess  #lovepoems #love #truelove #lovebeyondpromises #itslove #mythoughts #desire

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