Together we reign

You are like the roof,
that i take shelter in,
the rain i love to drench in,
the crown i like to adorn,
you dwell into my depths,
and stay there like you are crowned,
the way you slip into me,
you mark your entrance, with your name,
out loud from my lips,
my eyes, locked in yours,
which encourage you silently,
to wage war with the demons in me,
to unlock my wildness,
that you love to rage with,
as i fume in your burning desire,
i would melt you away like a candle,
the warmth of the wax,
i lay under,
that tastes like the savoury i want to cherish,
together we evaporate,
with the aroma,
that even cause the clouds to rain,
your smile is like the thunder,
that drives me crazier,
the joy that you bring in,
as you pitch into my rhythm,
etching your name, all the way deep into the walls of my soul,
where i dreaded to enter;
the icicles of my pain,
melted away in your warmth;
you breathed into me,
the joy of life.

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