Unheard child

She sat,
days passed, weeks passed, years passed;
waiting for her to appreciate her,
just wondering why she is never being loved for her flaws;
she waited, but its just time, that swept by;
leaving her being unnoticed by her;
she loved her, sacrificed everything for her;
but all she recieived was just denial;
she felt she was unseen;
she felt she was unheard;
her life seemed emptier, even when she claimed to be on her side;
why is she being left inaudible,
does she fear, that she is stealing away her thunder;
but why would she ever do that;
when all she admires is her;
all she needs is to be heard, to be seen.
#soulrecitals #unlovedchild #unheardchild #childhoodtrauma #trauma #pain #childhood #bewithyourchild #thechaoticpoetess

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