About Me


Mom || Poet|| Blogger|| Content Writer|| ME

Am a combo of what all you read above.

I love life and want to live to the fullest.

If you ask me what inspires me?

I will say, it is my daughters, my past -present and the future and almost everything around me.

I enjoy writing and just writing.

Professionally I am a Test Engineer Turned Freelance Content Writer, Copy Writer etc.

I am glad to have my passion and profession the same, hence there is no blockage in my writings.

Follow me on various platforms

Yourquote App : https://www.yourquote.in/sreepriya-menon-gwrs/quotes

Just Google ME: Soul Recitals

And I will be there….to soothe your pain.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome. Please feel free to email me:

sreepriya.ajaykumar[at] gmail.com


21 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. wonderful.. never knew this side of “U”…to be real, just getting to know you and a new U shows up in this blog.. loved reading snow snow snow.. looking forward for new ones..

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  2. You have got a beautiful blog Priya….wish you lots of positivity, happiness and peace in everything you do….keep on blogging and sharing various facets of our daily lives…..and stay connected…..:)….God bless..

    Liked by 1 person

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