Like perfect pieces of a puzzle that stick together

Closer you linger.
The more i could hear your heartbeat.
Farther you stay,
Remember i am right here waiting for you.
Moments pass, even when farther away,
I could feel the warmth of your hug,
The way your lips, shower all love you have on mine.
The way you cup my face in your palms,
Looking deep into my eyes,
I see all that love you store in for me.
In your kiss, i could feel the intensity of your passion.
Your arms, it’s where i feel all the love in the world.
Take me in your arms,
Caress my skin,
Search in me the treasure you need…
When your fingers pen the poem of love in me.
I weave the realms of heaven around us.
Grab my waist, and fall deep into me.
Wrap around me, so that your aroma stays forever in me.
You are the one crafted for me,
We fit in like perfect pieces of the puzzle that stay together.

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Ocean of love

What’s alleviating beyond your eyes?
I can live every moment, watching you.
Falling in love every moment your eyes look at me.
It takes my breath away, the way your eyes swag along my heart…
The way you come closer to me,
Without hesitating to brush your fingers on my skin.
Every thrust of your manliness takes my breath away.
You grab my breath as it leaves me, into yours.
Like magnets, when we play around.
I see the ocean of love in your heart,
As your heart thumps closer to mine.
Like waves,  our skins brush around.
And you paint me in love.

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His eyes took a dip into my soul

As my hair, flirted with the breeze.
His eyes kept glancing at me.
Like i am the flower, being caressed by the breeze.
Slowly and carefully,
He fondled my fingers.
I held it in his hands.
The safe space, where i can show my vulnerability…
The way his eyes navigated…
It dived right into the ocean of my heart…
Where his love played with the waves,
That thudded right into the walls of my thumping heart…
In the rhythm of which,
His lips caressed mine…
The way his lips evaded into my mouth,
It was like i could feel him right inside me…
His lips were inseparable, like his warmth residing in me.
As he thrust his body into me…
He melted away, in my warmth.
The warmest places,
That none could explore.
I deflowered for him,
In a way like for none…
He was the bee tasting my honey,
The taste of which,
He shared into my lips…
Giving me the taste of him and me.
Amalgamated in sweat and honey,
We lay there overlooking the night sky,
Which lit up like never before.
Making my moments with you as spectacular as it ever is.
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It’s real, not skywriting

The moment i met your gaze.
I felt like a full bloom flower…
The way you looked into my eyes.
A smile buds on my lips.
Your lips reciprocated the smile.
And kissed me real tight.
I still remember the first bite.
With your palms cupping my face.
The warmth of your palms spreads right under my cheeks.
I loved that warmth.
The warmth of your skin against mine.
My heart blooms in your presence.
All i could feel is that tremendous gush of blood into my heart…
It’s like you are watering my soul.
Laying close to you.
With just nothing…
Between my skin and yours.
I could feel your breath upon my skin.
And your lips brushing on my skin…
Nothing is heaven as compared to being in your arms.
Love is not just skywriting.
When i am with you…

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Men- another being burdened

Men – another soul in pain..and pressure
We all see men as the strongest ones, or someone more significant, someone who is bound to protect women or the sole breadwinner of the house, the leader, and many more.
What if they dont want to be all these?
Are we not forcing on them all these?

No matter what, or which age, they are weighed upon with all the responsibilities. They are not given a choice, isn’t it?

If women assert to be encumbered with other gender-specific responsibilities or being a mother, getting married etc… then we need not do the same to the men too.
Stop popularizing that being manly is being a smoker or someone who drinks…
Stop popularizing that being manly is getting a woman pregnant…
Stop popularizing that being a man is like standing up for his woman.. a woman can also stand up for herself.. (let her be independent)
Stop popularizing that being rejected by a girl or someone is a big deal or even questioning their manhood… it’s all a choice.

Normalize the fact that men are human beings…
Normalize the fact that they can also cry and also seek help…
Normalize the fact that they also like being pampered and cared for…
Normalize that men need not man up all the time…

As co-existent humans, we women need to help men and, yes of course men also need to help women too…
Let’s lead a life of happiness not like a pressure cooker.
Change your mindset, before changing others.
Co-existing doesn’t mean ending up in cat fights, things can be amicable too.
Everyone has a role to play in life.

Sreepriya Menon
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