Stifled in your kiss

Holding each other closer.
Dancing to the rhythm of our souls.
Deeply falling into the eyes of each other.
The way you look at me is like.
I am the perfect one for you…
I found the love,
I searched all along.
As you kiss slowly, on my shoulder.
Slowing accending to my lips.
Biting my ears, as you whispered in my ears..the golden words of love…
I knew you are the one i yearned for forever…
Grabbing my waist,
Crushing it with your fingers.
As and when you are hit by your adrenalin rush …
Whenever my lips found their way tasting you.
I enjoyed every peck and nudge.
Your fingers running across my belly button,
Marking every part, where you wanna taste as we make love.
Imprinting your soul in me.
All i do is be lost and stifled in mesmerization with your lips enlivening mine
With every thought of us being together.


TheChaoticpoetess- Soulrecitals
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Devour Me

As you grab me,
Pulling me closer.
Where i can breathe in your aroma.
Which is tantalizing to my soul.
My lips craved your taste.
I let my lips feel you’re akin against it.
Every inch of me.
Blanketed your skin…
My tongue found its way,
Down your neck…
As I opened my eyes, to get a glimpse of your joy…
Whenever you hold me closer…
As I wrap you from behind…
Where you hold me closer to your body.
My soul is rejuvenated.
You cup my face, in your mighty palms, pulling me much closer…
Where our breaths play wild,
And our eyes enjoy playing hide and seek…
The moment our eyes strike each other…
We delve into each other…
Like the clouds filling in the sky…
You devour me.

TheChaoticPoetess – Soulrecitals
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I levitate as you peck…

There is nothing more.
That i need,
When i am in your arms.
It’s like peace has engulfed me.
Your breath is tantalizing,
Like the soft breeze just after the rain.
The way you move into me,
Is like thunder and rain.
Causing my mind to race.
The rage you uncover in me.
Is like the wild winds of the sea.
We play like the waves,
Meddling each other.
Like the flower being pecked by the bees…
Inching into my soul.
You have become a prominent part of my soul…
Your touch, bring me to life.
Wherein i am lost in your eyes,
You are the envigorating piece of me.
Where i dwell forever.
The wild wind in me,
Levitate as you kiss my lips.
And gravitate as you kiss my forehead.
You are the switch to my ecstasy ride.
Which I carry in my heart.

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I want you that way….

I want you that way,
Like i could lose my control.
The moments when my lips never repel yours.
The way my craziness heightens.
I want you the way,
You hold me, to never be apart.
The way your eyes tickle my skin.
And your lips, devour the essence in me.
The way you look into my eyes.
Drawing your fingers all over me. With a peck of your lips on every inch of me.
Devouring and depetaling me,
Like I am a unique flower, you wanna adorn…
I lay in your arms…
With you enclosing me and rekindling my fire within
Engulfing in your aroma,
Which is scintillating my soul…
You become me..and then it’s just us Eventually.

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You are the one,who i need

You are the one,
Who brings me alive…
The way your eyes navigate through my skin.
It sets my heart on fire.
My thinking becomes unclear.
As your hands start penning on me.
The spark you bring in me.
Is like setting me on fire.The way we sway together,.like the waves of the ocean playing together…
Your eyes, invigorate much more emotions in me.
I erupt like a volcano,
You caress me like a flower…
Loving me like the dew on the petals.
Your love is like the cure for all pain…
The moment you are beside me.
My heart races at its highest momentum.
My lips crave yours.
It’s like something earnestly pursued forever.
My heart whispers to you every moment.
When we are closer.
To take me in.
And ride with me the road to ecstasy.
Because all i need is you.
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