Healing from within

Not every other day, i am the same ..Somedays i am broken, some days i am happy, some days i am extremely sad, some days i am just numb as if the world never existed around me.

As i look around myself, i see that even a storm doesn’t stop the sun from shining…it shines on its own, the trees shed their leaves, and even grow without contemplating the changes happening around it. Everything goes in the same flow as it has to be.

I realized i need not be worried all along and pause my journey. Everything is a part and parcel of life and all we need to do is tag along and explore what is unexplored.
Healing is quite powerful but again it takes time. All we need is loads of patience .. patience to venture out into the wildness of life, to regrow the lost confidence and the love for life, and become what you are meant to be.

Heal from within, even when it takes time.
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Happiness is you

My happiness lies with you.
I realized the same, the moment I fell in love with you..
When I hold your hands..
Keep your closer to my breath..
And tangle me in your arms..
I feel like being in my safe home..
I wanna be lost in you forever..
Be there in my safe home…
With you beside me..
I have no fear of losing..
I treasure you like mine..
Nothing can ever take you away from me..
When you are gone,
I lay astray in my life..
Without you my heartbeats are indistinct..
And with you gone,
I am lost.
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The nights witnessing

Is the weather stimulating…
Or is that being away from you..
Craving my mind, so deeply..
All I wanna do is..
Run into you,
Cuddle you like never gonna lose you..
Being apart is punishing my soul..
It ails much more than I could name it..
Meet me like the waves kissing the shore..
And take me away with you.
Let us play along,
In the ocean of desire.
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Sinking in your dreams

Sinking in your dreams
I just forget the world.
Being apart from you,
Kills me every moment.
Nights are craving to bring us together.
And mornings want to witness, us in love.
The raindrops, tickle my senses.
Invoking every hidden desire,
I store it for you.
Your silence,
Is stimulating me.
The moment i saw you.
Lost my senses.
And i love this coincidence.
When you smile,
And i skip a heartbeat.
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Etched forever

I behold you in my arms.
Taking you along in my journey.
To nowhere but to my inner dense forests.
As i traverse along with you.
You carry me in your heart.
And our journey keeps going on.
The more we try to stay away,
The more i find you attractive.
The way you hold me in your arms.
The way you make me fall in love with you, with just your eyes.
Is something magnificent for me.
And even if we are never meant to get along.
Here i surrender myself in your arms.
I remain there like a tattoo in your heart.
Etched forever.
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