Devour Me

As you grab me,
Pulling me closer.
Where i can breathe in your aroma.
Which is tantalizing to my soul.
My lips craved your taste.
I let my lips feel you’re akin against it.
Every inch of me.
Blanketed your skin…
My tongue found its way,
Down your neck…
As I opened my eyes, to get a glimpse of your joy…
Whenever you hold me closer…
As I wrap you from behind…
Where you hold me closer to your body.
My soul is rejuvenated.
You cup my face, in your mighty palms, pulling me much closer…
Where our breaths play wild,
And our eyes enjoy playing hide and seek…
The moment our eyes strike each other…
We delve into each other…
Like the clouds filling in the sky…
You devour me.

TheChaoticPoetess – Soulrecitals
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The Mayhem

Unsure, as i am now.
Disputed mind,
Broken soul.
A piece of me wants to burst away.
The other wants to embrace the future.
Not knowing, i sat.
With an eye deserted.
Another eye, drenched.
Like two different souls in a single body.
Tangled and lost in the chaos.
Awaiting the time to embrace me.
And wash away my melancholy.
Wishing to forget the agony.
And take the steps ahead.
Even it meant to destroy me within me….
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Your silence makes my world implicit

My world seems shattered without you.
The only one i need closer to me is you.
My eyes search the world, where you are unseen.
The world is emptier when you are not around.
I just wanna lay in your arms.
And feel my world.
The percussion of your heartbeat against mine.
Keeps me alive.
Spoon me in your arms.
As i fall into deep slumber aside you.
All i need is you, beside me forever.
Listening to the harmony of our soul’s play.
You make my world complete.
With your silence, even my world is implicit.
#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #loveyoumorethanmylife

My mind..

Different as I am,
Unwinding with time..
Letting myself let go..
From people’s minds.
Comprehend me, seems impossible to many,
As I never wanted some to understand me..
Everything attracts me,
From what not to why not..
All I did was,
Be rhythmic to my inner soul.
Until when I die in my soul..
When nothing, adapts me,
Not owns me..
My mind is a nomad..
Which goes mad.

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I am the poetry, you bleed in love

Engulf my thoughts,

with the boundless zest.

rekindle my moments with that music,

that just taunts my memories…

that floods in, giving a rush of emotions …

spurring my poetic senses..

all I need is those warm cuddles..

wherein my words come flooding by..

like the uncountable caresses you shower on me,

every word, you utter becomes poetry to me..

and every touch you make, 

enthralls my skin…

invoking the hidden desires…

that slips away from my lips but ends in yours…

I want to be the poetry..

that you recite, with the ink you bleed in love with me..