I like strong willed women, but not in my home

A strong woman is always admired..loved and praised only when they are not yours. Most people especially men love independent women, but the moment it turns out to be their wives turn to be independent they are quite skeptical. Only a strong-willed man can be a perfect husband in the case of being around her when she wants to step out of her comfort zone and be independent.
The rest choose to give tons of excuses and enjoy only eulogizing other women.
A woman should always have the right to pursue what she wants to be in life. Sadly even in this era …i see men who are just downgrading them to be a household…they dont even respect how much they do for the home, and family.
Working or not working is her choice like you choose to smoke or not smoke ….never belittle her as she never disrespected your contributions to the home.
Sadly it’s not just men, it’s the women who raise them who should be put responsible because they are the ones who cut her wings and burn their talents to ashes.

Even though we are in a century where the human brain is marvellous…our mind is still in the well, not even trying to search for the light to enter, because we are afraid to break away from the norm.

Live and let live.

Sreepriya Menon
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Why not be strong for a while???

Her sorrows overshadowed her thoughts

her tears were uncontrollably drenching her cheeks

as she wiped her tears …

in the distance

there was a light …brighter than the stars

taken by surprise .. she walked towards it

the light began to move

taking her to the distant…to her dreams

she walked shedding her fears and sorrow

the light enlightening her soul

enchanting her soul

walked her through the thick and thin

as she walked by alone to her destiny

the rest followed her …

for them, she became the star…

that led them to their dreams

but for her ….as she moved on…she realized¬†

she was following her instincts 

for a better tomorrow.


At every point of life..when one loses their confidence, just close your eyes

and relax… there is enough hope in our conscience that can lead us to the right place. ¬†