As we part our ways

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Unbiased is my anger,

when i think about you and me…

I get angry and even beat up our souls, evenly

hurting you and me the way, you can never imagine…

neither do I…

still, my eyes betray me,

and shed those hidden gems from my eyes…

melting away your hatred, which is caused by me…

and together we kiss away the pain,

every second, my thoughts resurrecting the pain,

that is arising from our separation…

unable to understand the true cause,

why this is happening,

we just part away.





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I am learning from you all

to break hearts…

pursuing the art of it

by mending and breaking hearts

like you all did once to me…

but never bothered to mend it at all..

so here I am, all the broken pieces collated well

but you will never see me cry over the broken pieces..

Now, as I enjoy being selflessly loved

to break it down easily,

that brings me at peace ..

blame me

judge me

I never mind..

as you broke my mind…

long ago….

when it was the right time to nurture it…

All I do is

mend to end…


Broken promises

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I knew it would end

our path splits away

even before we wish to be together

even though I never thought it would pain me

it aches in me all along

living seems never easy

surviving every breath of my life

to unite at least once 

before I become a memory

I want to live

live like I have always wanted.

Do not break me…

Break me into pieces

dissolve me in the water

from everywhere from the ashes

I might arise

Stamp me, hurt me ever

but know that none can take me away

I will be what I always what I want to be in the world

I am born for a mission, 

a mission, that will take me further

I walk with my head high and feet trembled

never hold me back, though am not emotionally strong

yet my inner strengths will let me walk away one day

away from all the negativities that shackle me all the time

do not stimulate my weaknesses, 

as one day, they might be the reason I will walk away from all.